2015—Out Of Practice

I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had much time to take the kinds of photographs I want to take; i.e., birds in flight. There haven’t been many birds in my yard lately and those that are there seem extremely wary. I guess they all have nests or young and want to be as inconspicuous as possible. Even the raucous scrub jays are hiding. I waited out a wary hummer late Tuesday afternoon. I sat with my long lens and he watched from various high perches, buzzed down near a feeder (there are now three) and finally came down to drink briefly. I am out of practice. I took forty shots in 36 seconds as the hummer drank from one of the feeders. Out of the forty, none of the flight shots was in focus and only a few of those while he was perched feeding are acceptable. Now that my life is settling down a little for a while, I should have more time to practice my ongoing, but mostly elusive, goal of photographing birds in flight that are in focus.


One thought on “2015—Out Of Practice

  1. Ahhh- sweet hummer! I was glad to see our hummingbirds are back after a week without their nectar while we were gone. I do wish we had more colorful ones like we had in California. I know we have Annas around here, but not in my yard.

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