2014—Blended Dandelion

I fiddled with focus stacking again. This time, I shot a dandelion on my front lawn. I had no control over the breeze which wafted the little seed pod in and out of the view finder. I switched to Shutter Priority and set the shutter speed to 1/640, then upped the ISO to 500. I tried to focus everywhere but a few of the photos had only half of the dandelion in the shot. Still, Photoshop managed to salvage a complete image from 26 that I gave it to blend into one. I can see in this image that a few of the seeds are floating and a few of the stems are misaligned but still, it does an impressive job. I gave it a mess and it cleaned it up for me, like magic.


2 thoughts on “2014—Blended Dandelion

  1. Carol – looks like fun!! Thanks for sharing your experience. I just found a used uber-macro and look forward to having some fun and learning to focus stack.

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