2013–Day 251—A Fish Out Of Water

This photo is literally about a fish out of water. A wild Alaskan halibut was sacrificed for the greater good (my tummy) and tonight I seared this fillet in my grill pan with just some olive oil, salt, and coarsely ground pepper. It was delicious served with smashed potatoes infused with goat cheese and fresh sage and some broccoli drizzled with Meyer lemon olive oil. I probably should have taken a shot of the plate I served myself which would have been prettier and more interesting but I didn’t. I was trying to capture the steam surrounding the fish but couldn’t get it to show up. Another puzzlement to figure out at some future time.

Day 251-112

One thought on “2013–Day 251—A Fish Out Of Water

  1. Hey there, Carol! I’m back on the computer and looking for your blog. Seriously, you haven’t posted since September 8? You and I need to make a pact to get back in the photo-blogging groove. Well, no matter- you photographed my favorite fish- my mouth is watering!

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