2013—Day 190—Three

Faith turned three on Saturday. Faith is my personal trainer’s daughter and I have been taking photographs of her since she was just a few months old. Her third birthday party will be held in a couple of weeks and, today, I was at her house taking photos in hopes of capturing a demure, pink princess for her princess-themed birthday party invitations. The 105° heat kept us from spending too much time posing outdoors and Faith was just not in the mood to wear her new pink princess dress, her tiara, or her pink plastic high heeled slippers. She was acting like a three year old, squirming and in constant motion, that is, until Mom handed her a birthday cupcake left over from her family birthday celebration on Saturday. By this time, we were back inside, princess dress stripped off, sitting at the kitchen table. She was contemplating blowing out the candles (again).

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