2013—Day 181—A Real Stretch

My 28-300mm lens got a new UV filter this morning. I had to buy a new one the other day when I discovered the lens had no filter. I’d forgotten that when I was in the Grand Canyon, I cross-threaded the polarizing filter when I attached it to the UV filter so I had to pilfer the UV filter off this lens for my 24-70mm lens. I now have a very expensive polarizing filter that comes with a UV filter already attached. Maybe someday, I’ll be able to find someone who can separate the filters so I’ll have two filters again.

But I digress. I looked out to my yard this morning and the baby scrub jay was bathing in the fountain. I ran out and took a few but at 300mm, this lens opens only to f/5.6 and it was pretty shady in the yard so I had to increase the ISO and decrease the shutter speed so my focus isn’t as crisp as I’d like it to be. I love scrub jays and the babies are so adorable, adult size but totally incapable, clumsy, and begging for food. I especially like the shot with it taking off from the fountain…a real stretch!

Day 181-5

Day 181-20

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