2013—Day 172—Mad Dogs and Englishmen

I have been very negligent in my photography of late. I do still take photos every day (well, almost) but obviously they don’t all make it to my blog. Some go on Facebook (my band photos and weekly food specials, mostly) but most of the others languish in a Lightroom catalog, probably never to see the light of day again, because they aren’t particularly good. I do look forward to having time to focus (no pun, well, I guess, yes, pun intended) on my photography a little more soon. And, I am especially looking forward to a couple of photography workshops with Moose Peterson coming up. One is scheduled in October in the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, and the other at Arches National Park in Utah in February of next year. I am excited to see the Tetons again after almost 50 years (yikes how time flies). Besides it being one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, I spent the two best summers of my life during my college days there. And my rafter buddies and I visited Arches National Park a few years ago during our Colorado River adventure. And now, after my Grand Canyon adventure with Moose, I can see real possibilities for incredible photos at Arches, especially now that I have a decent camera.

About noon, I realized that I had some time to myself today, so I went out because I noticed a butterfly flitting around and thought it might be a photo op. By the time I emerged onto my patio, the butterfly had disappeared so I made do with what I found. The light was harsh and bright; probably the worst time to try for a decent photograph. A cluster of Spiraea Bumalda (Anthony Waterer) got my attention because only the flowers clusters themselves were in sunlight. The rest of the plant was shaded. The second shot is a cropped version of the first.

Based on my choice of time for this photo shoot, it could be argued that I am one of those mad dogs I mention in today’s blog title (I’m pretty sure I’m not an Englishman); after all, I was out there in the noonday sun!

Day 172-29-2-2

Day 172-29-2

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