2013—Day 153—Lavender Bee

Today, as I watered the wilting plants in my garden (the temperatures are surging upward again, into the high 90’s to 100 for the next few days) I noticed a single bee flitting from lavender flower to lavender flower. Ah, yes, one more thing that makes my life normal and complete: my camera. I went inside and got my camera. It was late afternoon and only a few rays of sun remained on the lavender. The bee was difficult to follow. I should have used the tripod or the monopod but they’re in the trunk of my car and I opted to hand hold the camera. The lighting was not optimum and I had the lens wide open instead of stopped down for better focus. Only a single shot out of several was in decent focus. And, here it is! A bee hunting for pollen in the lavender flowers.

Day 153-104

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