2013—Day 148—Right Brain

I spent Memorial Day working on the books. Mo’s books. I hate numbers; I was never good at math; I am a creative person but creating the books for Mo’s has almost finished me off. Late yesterday afternoon, after immersing myself (somewhat successfully) into Quickbooks for 6 straight hours, I decided I had to take a break. I poured myself a glass of wine (Hot To Trot, a lovely red blend from 14 Hands Winery in Washington state),scooped some goat cheese onto a few rosemary raisin pecan Raincoast Crisp crackers, and settled myself onto a patio chair, my fountain gurgling soothingly just a few feet from me. Despite the time of year, it was cloudy and the air was crisp. My D800 was nestled in my lap. I was ready for some right brain activities. When I heard the hummer’s squeaky sounds, I was prepared. I snapped just a few but these three were in pretty acceptable focus with the 70-200 lens. I haven’t seen the hummers at the feeders for a long time. It was nice to take a little time to enjoy them.

Day 147-39-2

Day 147-48-2

Day 147-51-2

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  1. We saw a show his week and watched the male use his throat as a flower to attract the female. Nature is amazing!

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