2013—Day 142—Canyon View

It’s Day 142 (I think) and I’m probably not going to be able to take a blog-worthy photo today. So I am posting a photo from my February Grand Canyon adventure. Sunday, I went into the archives of my Grand Canyon with Moose shoot and found a photo I hadn’t yet processed and since my monthly Placer Camera Club image evaluation was coming up, I tweaked it a bit and submitted it for judging. I was nervous about this month’s image evaluation because the slated judge was Jeff Burkholder, a professional photographer from whom I took a class through Sierra College in 2010. I really liked his teaching style and his expertise and I still refer to my notes from that class from time to time. And, since I respect him and his work, and since he was going to be judging my work, I wanted to be very selective about the shots I submitted so I knew a Grand Canyon shot had to be one choice, as well as some bird shots.

The meeting was last night. I am thrilled to report that I got a 12 for my Grand Canyon shot, the high score for this type of judging. I also got a 12 for my shot of Mr. T that I took on Sunday and 11 1/2 (!) for a hummingbird shot. I must hasten to add that Jeff found many of the photos submitted last evening worthy of 11 and 12 ratings so mine were not the only high scores received by club members.


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