2013—More Cute Faces From The CFBP Open House

Ozzie, a screech owl who was found as a nestling with an injured eye a year ago has replaced Bob, the 18 year old CFBP screech owl ambassador who was retired last year. In the first shot, looks startled but his injured eye doesn’t blink normally; and in the second shot, Ozzie reacts to being scratched on the head by his handler, Liz.

A baby red shouldered hawk snuggles in its towel nest, observing the surroundings.

Mr. T, a Tundra Peregrine Falcon, has a deformed beak, the result of an unknown encounter that also damaged his breast bone. Mr. T hitched a ride from Alaska to Hawaii on a cruise ship and was rehabiliated for a period at the Honolulu zoo before being adopted by the CFBP and becoming one of its ambassador birds.

Day 139-62

Day 139-61

Day 139-67

Day 139-186

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