Day 173—The Hostess With the Mostest

Tonight we dined on the covered patio at the highly recommended (by the locals) Flying Otter Grill which is on Victoria’s inner harbor by the sea plane terminal. It’s a lively, crowded restaurant with staff who seem like your friends by the time you leave. We savored local beer at the bar with Scott while we waited for a choice patio table. Scott assured us that if the halibut burger I was considering for dinner was not the best I’d ever had, he would buy it for me. He was right; and he was off the hook. It was the best of all the burgers I’ve had on the trip, including lamb, salmon, and halibut.

When a table on the patio finally opened up, Eve, our lovely, personable and divinely decorated hostess showed us to our table. I have to admit that since I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and I was a little tired after driving all day sightseeing, I was already feeling the first beer when Eve showed us to the table, so I’m not exactly sure how it came to be that I was suddenly photographing the artwork on her thighs but the male patrons in the restaurant seemed to enjoy it and I was quite taken with the mermaid on her right thigh. I had to do a little tweaking because the setting was a little underexposed but I like the results. So, Eve, thank you. You are my photo of the day.


Focal Length 18mm
ISO 200