Day 162—The Juke

Tonight I listened to some great live music at The Juke, held at Pace Auto in Auburn. The shop, where only a few days ago my Toyota got its oil changed, was transformed into a music club of sorts, a juke, with a stage, speakers, chairs for the club patrons, a dance floor, and a strobe light for atmosphere. I took photos of the bands, Awesome 80’s Boombox and Foxtrot Mary. The music was fun, rocking, bluesy, fabulous. My photos, not so much.

My lens wasn’t fast enough to take decent photos in such low light levels; I bumped the ISO so high most of the photos I did get had too much noise; the slow shutter speeds compromised the focus. My tripod proved awkward to use at this venue. I didn’t like most of the band photos but the strobe was colorful and photographic and I found it amusing that it set upon a piece of shop equipment, perhaps something for attaching struts? A drum kit is in the background.

Focal Length 130
ISO 2500