Day 165—Piroshky Piroshky

This morning as we approached the original Starbuck’s on Pike Place, the aroma of fresh baked cinnamon rolls drew us up short of our destination. Piroshky Piroshky, a bakery next door to Starbuck’s, was the source of the irresistable lure. We watched the baker rolling dough and cutting it into strips for a delectable treat. Because Honora (as well as fellow photoblogger, Melinda) is such a Starbuck’s fan I had hoped the picture of the day would be Starbucks but all the Starbuck’s photos were rather mundane and uninteresting. Instead, I thought the baker made an interesting subject.

Today I switched between manual and aperture priority. Sometimes AP resulted in excellent exposure and sometimes the photos were over exposed so I occasionally switched to manual for better results. This was one of the better AP photos.

Focal Length 18mm
ISO 320