Day 82— The Ghost and Mrs. Smith

Today is my Mom’s 94th birthday and I was planning to drive over to Santa Rosa for a family birthday party, but the weather intervened so I stayed home. My decision to stay home was due to three factors: the weather, my step daughter’s concern about my driving in bad weather, and my husband’s ghost. I know that sounds pretty whacky and I guess it is, but let me explain. My husband was a worrier and driving in bad weather was something that always concerned him. His daughter has assumed the role of “worrying about Carol driving” and called me at 6:30 this morning to tell me of her concerns. There are high wind warnings; flood advisories abound; heavy rain is predicted this morning when I would be driving to Santa Rosa; and thunderstorms and hail are predicted for this afternoon when I would be driving home. But, what actually made the decision for me was the appearance of my husband’s ghost. I know that sounds ridiculous but on more than one occasion this phenomenon has occurred and when it has, related events have caused me to associate it with my late husband. So, I now assume that whenever it happens, it is the presence of Ron’s ghost.

This phenomenon is the mysterious illumination of the light on my piano. This light turns on and off by touching the metal. I’ve had the light for years but the mysterious illumination has only occurred a few times and only since my husband’s death. This morning when I came downstairs at 6 AM, the light was on. I was still half asleep and it didn’t register at first. But when I opened the front door to get the newspaper, a blast of wind, rain drops, and oak leaves blew inside. I knew then that the light meant Ron was concerned about my driving in this weather. Then Beckee called with her concerns. So, my picture of the day is my husband’s ghost in the form of the light over my piano.

Lens at 62mm
ISO 400