Day 75 — Dry Creek Isn’t

Mother Nature has been dumping lots of rain here; rainfall is several inches over normal to date with more on the way. Small creek flood advisories are posted and lots of creeks in the area are overflowing their banks. I was photographing the bike trail that had disappeared under the roiling waters of Dry Creek near my home when a young woman in bright red boots appeared from under the bridge. She sloshed along the submerged path carefully maintaining her balance. I was surprised to see anyone navigating the flooded banks, a foolish act even if the water over the path was only a few inches deep. One can clearly see how fast the water moved as it splashed around the submerged tree a few feet away from the woman. Despite my trepidation about the woman’s actions, I loved how her boots brightened an otherwise dreary scene.

I had trouble with exposure today. I set the White Balance to cloudy but the sun came out every once in a while. I had to make adjustments to the White Balance in Aperture and I applied curves.

Lens at 48mm
ISO 320
White Balance set to Cloudy
Additional adjustments in Curves and White Balance