Day 64—Clowning Around

I went to the newly reopened Farmers’ Market at Sunrise Mall this morning. It moved last year to the south end of Sunrise Avenue at the light rail station in Rancho Cordova, twice as far away from me as the Sunrise market. The market at Sunrise Mall was large and bustling and it was disappointing to have it move away. I was happy that it returned but now the market place is split between the two locations. One of the farmers told me that the other market had lots of produce and that the Laotian green grocers were all at the Rancho Cordova location this morning; the Sunrise market was mostly fruit. So I didn’t come home with the vegetables I’d planned to buy; instead I found kumquats and some fabulous Shiitake and beech mushrooms. I have no idea what I’m going to do with either yet but I guess I’ll think of something.

I took photos of fruit and mushrooms and flowers and the funky blues band playing off to one side but I thought the most colorful and interesting sight at the market was the clown twisting balloons into monkeys clinging to vines. The white balance was set to auto but the photo looked cold so I adjusted the white balance to warm it up.

200mm lens
ISO 200