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2017—Ride ‘Em Cowboy!

More from the 2017 Redmond Rodeo…saddle bronc riding.

Yeehaw bronc.jpg


We were in the Deschutes National Forest on the way to the head of the Metolius River which bubbles up out of an icy cold spring and emerges as a full-sized river.  The Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels, as close as we get to chipmunks here, pranced around us, clearly acclimated to people.  This little guy squeezed between the railings of a fence and watched me take his photograph as he relaxed in the midday heat. He clearly had the laid back attitude of Alvin the Chipmunk.

golden mantled squirrel.jpg


2017—Deschutes River

Taken mere moments before we cut our outing short and headed to the Emergency Room to tend to my brother’s mangled hand, this is the Deschutes River as it emerges from its point of origin, Little Lava Lake.  As I took the photograph, I leaned against the dead tree that was moments away from attacking Arthur.

deschutes river.jpg



It seems that my visits to see my brother in Bend, Oregon are cursed.  When I first visited in January, the area was experiencing record snowfall.  I couldn’t see the house because six to eight feet of snow engulfed it.  My current visit coincided with a record heat wave with 100° days, 20° over average highs for this time of year.  And, a tap-tap-tapping on the roof that caught my attention revealed yet another unwelcome situation somehow associated with my visits here. A pair of pygmy nuthatches has excavated a hole in the chimney siding.  While they’re cute to me, they’re not as cute to my brother.

After writing this blog post Saturday morning we took a drive through the Cascade Lakes area. We stopped to admire the headwaters of the Deschutes River and my brother, as boys are wont to do, tried to push over a dead tree. The tree pushed back so we ended up at Emergency and Art got stitched back together.

I know I am not really responsible for any of these occurrences, but the proximity of my visits to these unfortunate events makes me wonder if I’ll be invited back.

pygmy nuthatch.jpg

2017—Calf Roping

One of the early events at the 2017 Redmond Rodeo was calf roping.

Calf roping 1.jpg



The bull riders were last up at the 2017 Redmond Rodeo and it was dark by then but it was worth the wait.   Yeehaw!

Bull Rider Yeehaw







2017—Another Black Chinned Hummer

Male Balck Chinned

2017—Wing Blur

Back to Madera Canyon and a female Black-chinned hummingbird hovering near the feeder.Wing Blur female black chinned.jpg

2017—Magnificent Mr. Wonderful Again!

This is the magnificent Mr. Wonderful (a Magnificent Hummingbird) in the second of two in-flight shots I managed to capture of him in Madera Canyon, AZ.  In the first (click here) he’s a little more colorful and shows some of the purple crown which isn’t visible in this photograph.

Mr. Wonderful again.jpg

2017—Peppers And Onions

I had company for dinner and the menu included chicken fajitas, cooked on the grill in foil packets, hobo style so it was easy and gave me time to visit and enjoy the slushy watermelon margaritas with my guests.  Here are the peppers and onions ready for the chicken and spices before being folded into foil packets for grilling.

N.B.  The foil kept the chicken and peppers from getting grill marks and the smoky flavor that a charcoal BBQ gives to food.  I won’t be trying this on the grill again.  Sounded appealing.  It wasn’t. The slushy watermelon margaritas were delicious. Definitely something I’ll make again.