2023—Portrait of a Big Boy

With his massive curled horns, this Bighorn Sheep ram is one of the big boys. The rams stick together, crossing the sage covered meadow after descending from the cliffs where they spend the night in safety from predators. They show up in small groups of four or five, reminding me of the “cool kids” in high school who stuck together and bullied their way around the halls at school. The rams harass the ewes and occasionally face off with other rams and crack heads in battles for dominance. The right curl on this ram shows a little brooming, the result of wear and tear over the years. After grazing on sedges and other plants, they lay down to rest or nap. Gnats swarm as we took his portrait. I attached the Nikon 2X teleconverter to my Nikkor 600mmPF lens for this portrait.

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