2023—Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep! They are among my favorite mammals to photograph and a fall trip to Yellowstone National Park is the time to see them. In the mornings they come down from their nighttime safe place, the high rocky crags in the Gallatin Range, along the Old Yellowstone Trail just outside Yellowstone National Park. They descend to the meadow to munch grasses and then proceed to the river to drink. A group of mature rams hung together, jousting a bit and feeding together until one by one they crossed the road and lay down in the field across from us where we stood with our tripods and long lenses, eager to capture their behavior and expressions. When this ram lay down to rest, he looked at us as if saying, “inquiring minds want to know.” I suppose it is an odd thing to witness, a half dozen people standing behind long lenses on tripods, photographing their every movement. It’s their world and if we act appropriately, they accept us in it. Yesterday, they crossed within a few feet of us. What a thrill it is to know that we have behaved properly and that they tolerate our presence.

One thought on “2023—Inquiring Minds Want to Know

  1. Wow, your tale about the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep is like a magical wildlife adventure! It’s incredible how they almost posed for your photos, as if inviting you into their world. 📸✨ Nature’s wonders and your storytelling make it feel like we were right there with you, sharing the thrill of that special moment! 🏞️🐏

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