2023—A Polarizing Moment

This past March, I spent four days aboard an airboat on Lake Kissimmee in Florida. We were there to photograph endangered Snail Kites and our time there did not disappoint. But there were lots of other birds on the lake and while I waited for Snail Kites, I turned my camera on some of them. This Tri-colored Heron stood motionless for quite a while as it peered into the water watching for a small fish to snatch. These birds must have polarized eyes that enable them to see through the surface reflections on the water. As I looked at the water and all of the reflections on it, I couldn’t imagine that the Heron could actually see anything. But, after standing still for so long, it suddenly leapt forward and stabbed its beak into the water coming up with a fish. This is what I consider the “polarizing moment” for the Heron.

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