2023—Impossibly Long Legs

My friend Pat and I visited the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency facility the other day so that we could photograph birds as a way to famliarize ourselves with our new Nikon Z8 cameras. The facility has a couple of large ponds that attract lots of water fowl but until our visit, I hadn’t realized that it was home to so many Black-necked Stilts, those tall shore birds with impossibly long legs. There were several pairs there, each pair seeming to claim a corner of the pond. They were very noisy and their flight patterns were erratic. It was a challenge to keep them in the viewfinder as they flew. Not only did we see Black-necked Stilts but there were at least a half dozen Killdeer sitting on nests in shallow gravel scrapes, and several were on nests in the middle of the road, indicating to me that there aren’t many visitors there. Red-winged Blackbirds, Tri-colored Blackbirds, and Yellow-headed Blackbirds filled the reeds on the edges of the ponds. Tree and Barn Swallows swooped around us. Western Kingbirds perched on twigs. A Black-crowned Night Heron stood vigilant in the middle of an algae covered pond. It was, as they say, a target-rich environment. The Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency is only a half hour drive from my home so I’ll be returning soon.

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