2022—Shake a Tail Feather!

“Bend over let me see you shake a tail feather.” The Five Du-Tones recorded those words in the early 1960’s and I bought their 45 single of Shake a Tail Feather at Tower Records in Sacramento a couple of years later after one of my college roommates played it for me. I realize this is NOT a tail feather. It is one of Bobo’s wing feathers that she molted yesterday morning. And, besides, I sing “Shake a Tail Feather” to her all the time and I thought it made a good blog theme. The past few days Bobo has rallied and seems like her old self again, eating normally, interacting with me, not constantly sleeping, and talking, whistling, and calling out to me when I leave the room. I hope it continues. I photographed this feather using my 105mm macro lens and my two new ProFoto A10 flashes, one with a grid to keep the light from spilling and just to enhance the green part of the feather, and one with a snoot to concentrate the light just on the downy barbs. After I looked at this image, I was surprised to see that some of the downy barbs were in fact yellow. I had to look at the feather with a magnifying glass in sunlight and indeed, they are yellow.