2021—All the Better to See You With

A couple of days before Christmas, I had cataract surgery on my right eye. My Nikon Z9 arrived the day before Christmas but my vision had not stabilized yet and over the weekend, the vision in my right eye was so foggy that photography was out of the question even though I use my left eye for photography. Monday morning the fogginess had cleared and I heaved a sigh of relief and grabbed my new Z9 camera and new Nikkor Z100-400mm lens and went into my backyard to photograph some birds. Only there were no birds to photograph. It has been raining non-stop for several days. The weather seems to have disrupted the patterns of the birds coming to my yard. They didn’t even empty the feeders. So, I focused on what has been forefront in my mind lately, my eye. I attached my new Nikkor Z MC50 macro lens to the Z9 and attached the combo to my Platypod. Sitting at the table and facing the camera to me I realized there was no way to tell what I was photographing. So, I applied the new skill I learned in Fairbanks, Alaska when it was -39° and we decided to shoot from inside the warm vehicle using Nikon’s SnapBridge application instead of suffering outside in the cold. Of course, for me, it’s always easier said than done. I finally set the SnapBridge timer to a 3 second delay, looked at the placement of my eye out of the corner of my eye at the iPhone, pressed the button then looked straight ahead. After a few tries, I managed to center my eyeball so now it’s all the better to see you with. Oh, and the Z9 is pretty cool, too. It doesn’t make any noise. Now I can fire off a hundred shots and nobody will know!!!