2021—The New Normal

My favorite birds at Bosque del Apache are the Snow Geese. This year, however, like the Sandhill Cranes, their numbers are down. We witnessed none of the thrilling explosions when thousands of Snow Geese take flight off the ponds at once. The massive wall of birds one sees in these explosions has become, for me, part of Bosque’s magic. Like everywhere these days, though, there seems to be a “new normal” at Bosque. I was kind of slow adapting to the changes in Bosque this visit and kept hoping and expecting that we would see what for this visit at least, was not going to happen so I needed to adjust my expectations. Finally, on our last day in Bosque, I realized that I had taken very few photographs of Snow Geese in flight so my goal for the last day was to capture photographs of Snow Geese in flight. This quartet, with some juveniles sporting dark bills, flew past me well after the sun had come up.