Bobo, my Red-lored Amazon, is covered in feathers of brilliant greens, reds, yellows, and blues. Normally I photograph her in color. But when I recently saw an image of a bird taken with Nikon’s creative Picture Control setting #18, Graphite, for Z mirrorless cameras, I knew I had to try it on my #1 test model. Over the years she has become acclimated to camera lenses pointed at her and I test cameras and lenses on her because she is readily available for such duty. What I love about this setting is that the background disappeared into darkness even though there was considerable light in the room. The other fascinating thing to me is that her brilliant red forehead turned almost black and her white eye ring and yellow cheek blended together. This image is straight out of the camera. I opened it in Nikon’s NX Studio and saved it. If I were to open it in Adobe Camera Raw, I would need to apply a preset to return the image to what I captured in the camera, something I will have to create. I love the effect that this creative picture control has on the image. It is very dramatic and I have already tried it on flowers and even delicata squash. But, so far, my favorite results are Bobo peering out from the opening of her cage.

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