2021—Backyard Birds

I’m looking forward to spring when the flowers will start blooming profusely again and I will be able to sit on my patio waiting for birds to visit my feeders and fountains and photograph them. Once again I’ve been inspired by my friend Moose Peterson, a Nikon Ambassador, who last night gave a Nikon-sponsored Webinar at B and C Camera in Las Vegas, NV about backyard bird photography. Not only did I get some great tips and suggestions for improving my backyard bird photography, I was thrilled and honored that he used several of my images to illustrate the possibilities for a backyard bird photographer. Since Anna’s Hummingbirds are my favorite backyard birds to photograph, I wanted to revisit some of the images I took last year that were possible because I followed some of Moose’s backyard birding suggestions, like putting a correctly sized perch near one of the hummingbird feeders. I had previously determined that the background would be uncluttered and out of focus if I placed the perch in one of the flower pots near the feeder. All I needed to do was wait for the hummer to land on it. I was ready when he did.

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