2020—Using them Up

In Sacramento County where I live, setting off legal fireworks is allowed only from June 28 through July 4. There was no sleeping in my neighborhood last night. Everyone was using up all of the fireworks in their possession. Not that the fireworks being detonated were legal let alone safe and sane. Safe and Sane fireworks don’t leave the ground. And I don’t think they make the thundering booms that were setting off my neighbors’ car alarms right and left. I photographed these fireworks from my sidewalk and they were detonated around the block or even further away and they certainly left the ground or I would never have seen them as they rose high above the two story homes across the street. After I started hearing the loud booms and Bobo retreated trembling to her cage, I went out to test my Nikon D6 with the MIOPS Lightning Trigger which I plan to use in a couple of weeks when I go to Arizona. Fireworks make a good substitute for lightning. The D6 and the MIOPS performed perfectly. Since I couldn’t see where the fireworks were coming from, I had to guess where the next display might be. I got it right about a half dozen times. It’s sort of the same with lightning. You have to guess where it’s going to strike. This shot is a composite of three of the images I took in my neighborhood.

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