2020—You can’t have too many

Because you just can’t have too many cameras, I am now the proud owner of six Nikons, three DSLR and three mirrorless cameras. The newest member of my collection is the tiny Nikon Z50, a mirrorless crop sensor camera with a 16-50mm lens, the equivalent of a 24-70mm in a full frame camera. For years, I carried my Nikon D800 and 24-70mm lens with me everywhere. It was a heavy combination but I got used to it. My camera bag became my purse and my friends joked that my purse needed its own chair when we went to a restaurant. I loved having the camera with me at all times because I often got shots I never would have had otherwise. But, as the years passed and my photography evolved more toward wildlife photography, my main camera body and lenses were very much heavier and it wasn’t convenient to carry a camera with me 24/7. And, with my focus now on photographing birds and wildlife, I didn’t feel the need to have a camera with me when I wasn’t on a designated photography mission. Still, I discovered that there were times that I wished I’d had a camera with me other than my smart phone. Fast forward to the introduction of Nikon’s mirrorless Z cameras. Smaller, compact, and lighter than the hefty full frame cameras I thought perhaps I would begin to carry a camera with me again. But the Z and its lenses while much smaller than the D6, are not particularly light weight or compact. Enter the Nikon Z50 mirrorless crop sensor camera. It is tiny, and coupled with the 16-50 mm lens is small, light weight, fits into my purse, no camera bag required, and, once again, I will have it with me. Saturday morning while running errands, I came across acres of sunflower fields in full bloom. I pulled over, took a few shots, and was able to continue on my way, with the satisfaction of knowing that I hadn’t missed something.