2020—A Day in the Sun By Sixty foot Rock

A day in the sun by Sixty Foot Rock in the middle of Kachemak Bay south of the Homer Spit in Alaska is a sublime experience. This Alaskan Sea Otter was enjoying the sun at Sixty Foot Rock, blissfully snoozing as she bobbed on the bay. To me, the experience of being on the water photographing Alaskan Sea Otters renewed my soul and my spirit after three months of sheltering in place in almost total isolation. The trip was not a certainty even as we packed to fly to Anchorage on Saturday. Alaska’s mandates for interstate travel were revised only hours before our scheduled departures. Upon landing in Anchorage, we were required to present evidence of a negative Covid19 test taken within 72 hours prior of boarding the flight. I had not received my results when I boarded my flight. To my great relief, my test results were delivered to my mailbox while I was in flight and I was allowed to enter Alaska without further testing or sheltering in place. I felt such relief and joy to be free, without restrictions, on a boat on a pristine bay in Alaska, and doing what I love most. Nikon D6, Nikkor 500mm PF.