2020—Nikon D6!

My Nikon D6 DSLR arrived last Friday. It is Nikon’s flagship camera and I love it. Since its arrival I have been getting acquainted with it. It’s particularly welcome right now because my Nikon D5, what the D6 will replace, has been languishing at Nikon’s Service Facility in Los Angeles since it arrived there on March 16 for routine cleaning and servicing. Immediately after it arrived, the facility closed, deemed a non-essential entity by the State of California. I know it is safe there and will eventually be serviced and returned to me but just when that will happen is anybody’s guess. Getting the new D6 in my hands was very welcome indeed. The heft and ergonomic feel of the camera is just as good if not better than that of the D5. It’s a large camera but is so well designed that it doesn’t feel heavy to me and shooting with it and its expanded autofocus system has been heavenly. My shooting options right now are limited mainly to my backyard so I have been on the lookout for subjects. My favorites, the Anna’s Hummingbirds, have been fairly elusive but I finally captured a sub-adult male who cooperated by sitting still on one of the perches I strategically placed between the feeders and a potted salvia late Monday afternoon.

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