2019—Room with a View

Threatening clouds approached quickly Thursday afternoon as we stood photographing Northen Gannets on Bird Rock at the Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Preserve. The light disappeared and we set off for the mile walk back to the vehicle. Rain dropped briefly on the walk back. After an early dinner, a beautiful rainbow appeared across the fields then hail pelted down as we retreated to our rooms. But, shortly after the hail stopped, we were rewarded with a gorgeous sunset. Our rooms at the Bird Island Resort face the Atlantic Ocean. As a resident of the Pacific Coast, I think of sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, sunrise over the Atlantic. Since we’re on a spit of land that juts from Newfoundland and is surrounded on three sides by the ocean we got to enjoy an Atlantic sunset. I definitely have a room with a view. I took this shot by walking out my door and a few feet across the lawn to the fenced edge of the property which drops precipitously to the water.

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