An adult female moose is called a cow. We’d seen several moose, both bulls and cows, from a distance on our trip to Alaska last week but none close enough to photograph until we reached Kenai. There, we encountered a cow and her calf foraging on a grassy strip between the road and a walking path right across the street from the United States Post Office. No one was around when Moose (the two-legged variety) pulled into a parking lot and we emerged with our long lenses. Even without our tripods, the appearance of giant camera lenses draws a crowd and before long, cars were stopping and people were lining up for a better view. Moose had to yell at one oblivious person who was intent on walking directly up to the cow, a dangerous situation for him because the calf was across the road. Our attention span is much greater than the average observer, however, and after the initial hubbub died down, we were once again alone on the edge of the road with the cow and her calf. In this shot, she looks across the road to reassure herself that her calf, also foraging, was safe. I was able to position myself so that none of the roadway or distracting sign posts appear in the photograph.

Nikon D5, Nikkor 500mm PF.

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