2019—Come and Get It!

A visit to Nevada City, Montana, one of the main centers of commerce during Montana’s placer gold rush in the late 1800’s, was a delightful step back into an old western town, complete with barber shop, saddle shop, opium den, sheriff’s office, and house of ill repute. The town was was reconstructed between 1945 and 1978 but the buildings were brought there from other places in Montana. The wooden buildings are weathered and worn, with wooden sidewalks and what’s left of wooden awnings. Curtains hang in some of the windows and the store is stocked with contemporary goods. This iron triangle dinner bell caught my attention. It hung from a post in front of the blacksmith shop as if waiting for a chuckwagon cook to buy it so he could summon cow hands or miners to dinner. 

Nikon D850, Nikkor 105mm

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