2019—Narrow Depth of Focus

My newest lens is the AF-S Nikkor 105 f/1.4E ED. Right now, Nikon has some super deals on cameras and lenses. Since I’ve been thinking about getting this lens for a while now, I decided now was the time to spring for it. The 105 f/1.4 is a beautiful lens and wide open, at f/1.4, the depth of focus is so narrow that only about an inch or so of the subject is in focus. My Red-lored Amazon Parrot, Bobo, was my first test subject and in most of the shots I took, when her beak faced me, while her eye was in focus, the beak was was out of focus. In this shot, she turned slightly so that her eye and her beak are in the same plane so both are in focus. The light is window light from the left side of her cage and I wanted the cage to disappear as much as possible so I set a minus exposure compensation to get this effect.

Nikon D850, Nikkor 105 f/1.4