2019—Very Wet Bird

The birds in my yard love the fountain.  The Bushtits usually arrive noisily en masse but on this day, only one female came to bathe.  She bathed for a minute or so then disappeared.  A few minutes later she reappeared still dripping wet to bathe again.  She was one very wet bird.

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2019—Spring Sunset

I spent the day Saturday with Moose and Sharon Peterson at the Eagles Nest Airport in Ione, CA.  It was my first opportunity to try my hand at aviation photography.  The tiny private airport hosted a gathering of antique aircraft to its new grass landing strip. I believe the definition of antique airplanes  is those built before 1945 but this group was all pre 1940’s.   The glorious sunset was a perfect ending to a fun day and a wonderful experience.


Antique Airplanes Ione 2019 3523-1