It was fascinating watching the moose at Chugach State Park in Anchorage forage among the various species of willows for food.  The once-tender shoots have turned to dried leaves and twigs but still they feed on the nutrient-lacking plants.  The willows have been pruned back severely by the moose but they still seem to find tidbits to their liking.  Our two-legged Moose (Peterson) compared the diet of dried twigs and leaves to the difference between eating the cereal in the box versus eating the box.  At this stage, everything they eat is “the cardboard box.”  Once the snow falls, they will leave the No Name Valley and head into Anchorage where they will fare better.

This bull moose was feeding behind the twiggy  willow barrier so I couldn’t see him clearly for quite a while.  Finally, he moved into a place where there was a small window so I could see him as he stripped dried leaves from the bush.  In the background, the reindeer moss spreads up the hillside.