2017—Telltale Shadows

Lots of birds and mammals  in the Arctic change color in summer.  During the winter months when snow covers everything here, their plumage or fur is white so they blend into the snow.  When the snow melts, all white feathers and fur are no longer useful as camouflage so they molt their plumage or fur so they once again blend into their surroundings.  This Arctic Hare is an example of this drastic change in appearance.  We photographed it at sunset one evening.  Most of its white fur has molted and only a few clumps remain.  Instead of stark white, the Arctic Hare is now more of a brownish gray color to help it better blend into the tundra.  But, the camouflage can’t work all the time.  The rabbit shadows on the rock give away its location.

Arctic Hare At Sunset 2

Arctic Hare At Sunset