2016—It’s Cooler Elsewhere

The 105° temperatures of the past few days (the “but it’s a DRY heat” mantra doesn’t cut it when there are two or more successive days of triple digits) prompted me to take a look back at my Haines, Alaska photos.  This one, especially, caught my eye because the eagle is perched on a snow covered branch.  I feel cooler just looking at it.

Haines, AK Perched Eagle.jpg

2 thoughts on “2016—It’s Cooler Elsewhere

  1. Ah yes! It does feel cooler! Great shot!
    It was 104 in Prescott last week- and TOO dry a heat. Hot winds and fires. 😳 This week, the monsoon storms began- and it is a bit cooler. See you tomorrow!!!📷🏙🌆📷

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