2016—Remote Flash!

My Nikon D5 camera and my Nikon SB5000 Speed Light can be paired so that the flash can be triggered  remotely from the camera. I had to send my Wireless Remote Control WR-R10 to Nikon to update the firmware in the remote set so it would work with the new camera and new speed light.  I finally got the three pieces working together.  Bobo was my willing (?) subject with the camera on a tripod in front of her and the SB5000 setting off to her right on the window seat.  I had the flash compensation set to -2 and the 50mm f/1.4 lens wide open which is why only her head is in focus.  She is in the process of stretching one of her legs and wings simultaneously, something she does after she’s been sitting still for a while.  I’ve used remote flash to photograph the hummingbirds but it required the built in camera flash to trigger the remote flash and there needed to be a way for the remote flash to “see” the trigger light.   My D5 does not have a built in flash so the remote flash set up needs another form of trigger.  With this set up, the wireless remote triggers the flash—it is radio controlled so “line of sight” is not needed.

Bobo Flash.jpg

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