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2016—Stellar Jay

This Stellar Jay spent lots of time around the feeders at Moose’s house in Mammoth Lakes.   I practiced a little “content aware” patching in post processing.  The branch was an artificial branch placed near the feeders for photography purposes.  The original photograph shows that the branch is attached to an aluminum pipe.  I never was able to photograph the jay far enough away from the pipe to eliminate it from the composition so I removed it in post.  Ya gotta love that Content Aware feature in Photoshop.

Stellar Jay.jpg

One response

  1. Melinda

    Gorgeous shot! I love what you are able to achieve with your long lenses- I’m assuming this is the 600 but maybe not. What I love is the perfect crisp focus with that soft background- so beautiful! Perfectly shot!

    June 19, 2016 at 6:41 am

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