2016—Ibis Alert

White ibis make a sort of honking sound.  I’m not sure if either of these ibis was honking when I took these photographs.  There was quite a commotion in the tree with a couple of other ibis (out of the frame)  and this one seemed to be letting the others know it was king of that branch.  Whatever is going on here, it certainly shows a very expressive side to the white ibis.  In the last frame, these two seemed to have calmed down a bit.  I love it when I capture a bird’s translucent third eyelid – its nictitating membrane is visible in the bird in front.

St. Augustine Day 3-1659

St. Augustine Day 3-1657.jpg

St. Augustine Day 3-1662.jpg


One thought on “2016—Ibis Alert

  1. I’m wondering if you have a “life list” or at least a list of birds you’ve photographed- or an album or collection. I’m so impressed with all the beautiful photographs you’ve taken of so many species! These are wonderful-and yup, full of gesture!

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