2016—Home Again, Home Again

Jiggety jig!  I’m home from my travels for a few weeks.  Time to rest and recuperate before my next travels starting again in late April.  I came down with a cold while I was in Florida and two weeks later, I’m still sick.  My cold developed into a sinus infection so I’m on antibiotics for a while.  Friday, I finally got around to straightening my camera gear and decided to set up the D800 with Big Bertha and the Better Beamer pointed out the patio door and wait for some hummingbird action.   I was focused on one of the feeders but I kept hearing the hummer in the shrubs along the back wall.  I found this female hummer bathing in the rain drops. It’s finally raining again after a completely dry February so my plants and the birds are appreciating it.  What surprised me is the color of the feathers on her back.  Normally when I photograph my Anna’s hummers with flash, the color of the feathers is greenish gold.  These are definitely orangey.  I was hopeful that this might be a migrating Rufous or Allen’s hummer, both hummers with orange feathers, but after examining my Sibley Guide,  I think it’s one of my regular Anna’s.  The orange color probably has something to do with the spectrum reflecting differently in the rain.


One thought on “2016—Home Again, Home Again

  1. Welcome Home.. a bit late for refuges, but just in time for wildflowers which should be starting soon.

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