2015—Four Twenty-Five RSD

My two sisters-in-law, Pam and Sue, and I arrived in NYC Wednesday morning for a six day visit with my nephew Michael and his wife Sonia in Manhattan. We rented an apartment through AirBnB and are quite happy with our lovely accommodations on the 16th floor at Four Twenty-five Riverside Drive, overlooking the Hudson River complete with its own doorman and with views of the George Washington Bridge and, yes, even Grants Tomb. You bet your life it took us a few tries before we managed to guess who actually is buried in Grant’s Tomb. (N.B. Unless you grew up watching Groucho Marx on TV, don’t give my Grant’s Tomb comment a second thought.)

With the three hour time difference, we felt as if we’d flown all night long and with little sleep. Our Bloody Marys for breakfast on the second leg of our flight to JFK perked us up a bit. We were very glad we opted to book a limo ride from the airport and our driver deposited us in front of 425 Riverside Dr. less than an hour after we landed. A brief misunderstanding with the doorman about why we were there was quickly resolved and we settled into our lodgings. Michael arrived and escorted us back to his apartment with a quick tour of the neighborhood and some much needed sustenance. We walked home from Michael’s mid afternoon and we all three promptly fell asleep.

Here is our friendly doorman at 425RSD (note his cap), the view from our apartment, and a closeup view of Grant’s Tomb as we passed it on the way to Michael’s.

NYC Day 1-4961

NYC Day 1-4955

NYC Day 1-4976

3 thoughts on “2015—Four Twenty-Five RSD

  1. I hope our dear friend Richard will find the time to come into the City and have some fun with you ladies. You are in my old neighborhood. From 1973 to June of 1975 I lived at 90th and Amsterdam Avenue. Riverside Drive in that area was a regular destination. Get down to Zabar’s 81st and Broadway and enjoy the BEST Gourmet and Delicatessen on the planet.

  2. Have a wonderful time. Any plans for a Broadway show or 2 (think you already told me, but I’ve forgotten).


  3. I’m sure you ladies don’t need to be told to have a great time- I know you will have so much FUN! Can’t wait to see more photos!

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