I love figs. When I was shopping at Whole Foods Monday morning, the Kadota Figs, so sweet and oozing their honey-like essence, called to me and I came home with a basket of them. As I savored my first luscious bite, and admired the reddish flesh filled with tiny crunchy seeds, I knew I had to photograph them. The figs were ripe and ready to be eaten, a few bursting apart from the weight of the figs on top of them so I cut a slice from one of the overripe fruits, placed it on a piece of glass with a black background and took a few shots. Then, I devoured my model.


3 thoughts on “2015—Kadota

  1. Carol, Gram Erickson had a Kadota fig tree out by the well. I remember climbing it a number of times to enjoy a warm fig in the Escalon summer. Love, your Brother

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