The dehazing filter in Lightroom really helps add drama and clarity to photos. I have been reviewing more of my photos from my Moab trip last April and I’m finding more that I like, thanks to the dehazing filter. The skies were really quite dramatic.

I took the first two shots at Double Arch using the fisheye lens. The other two shots feature petrified sand dunes in the fore ground. The Le Sal Mountains are in the background of the second shot.

Moab 2015 -253

Moab 2015 -272

Moab 2015 -50

Moab 2015 -33

3 thoughts on “2015—Clouds

  1. You have a “dehaze” button in ACR. It is in the “fx” tab. It is the same tool as in LR. This mght help when you are on a Moose Trip and want the technique but not the LR discussion. Great Shots!

  2. Beautiful images, Carol!!!! Those clouds through the arch- magnificent! I have only used the dehaze on, well, HAZE! I’ll have to try it on clouds too! I’ve seen it demonstrated as a way of adding contrast to black and whites too- and to ADD haze to an image. 😉

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