2014—Eagle Eyes

Tesla is a golden eagle, ironically named Tesla because about twenty-five years ago, she, beyond all odds, survived electrocution, losing the talons and toes of her left foot. Since then she has been in the care of Andy McBride, a falconer and co-founder of the California Foundation for Birds of Prey. She cannot fly because the accident damaged her shoulders. At some point, Tesla contracted West Nile Virus and again survived, but her vision is compromised and the infection altered the color of her eyes. One eye is gold and the other is brown. I’ve known Tesla for about 5 years and have taken her photograph many times but I have never noticed the difference in the color of her eyes until Andy pointed it out to me Sunday at an open house for the Bird and Pet Clinic of Roseville.

Day 117-78

Day 117-71

Day 117-65

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