It’s raining again. I checked my Flickr daily challenge group listing and saw that one of the topics a couple of days ago was “umbrella.” At first I thought it was an odd choice for a topic at this time of year but then remembered that the administrators of this Flickr group are “down under” so it’s fall in Australia and the start of the rainy season there, I presume. And, today it is raining here, as well. I won’t complain as it’s one of the very few days of rain we’ve had all year.

I retrieved my leopard print umbrella from the car and opened it outside on the patio, clipping it to a garden chair. That allowed me and my camera to stay dry under the overhang and still get close to the drops on the top of the umbrella.

This topic gave me a chance to chance to photograph raindrops with my macro lens. After my macro class at Action Camera Thursday evening, I’ve been anxious to put into practice a few of the tips I learned in class. Of course I already forgot one of the most important for me: using a crop frame camera to get in as close as possible. I actually discovered that bit of intelligence as soon as I got my 105mm macro lens and use my D7100 with the macro most of the time. For some reason, when I went to the class, I attached the 105mm to my D800, a full frame camera…probably the guilt I was feeling for having bought the D7100 at Costco instead of Action Camera. But I did remember a few things I learned about focusing and that it’s best to use the mirror lock up setting to avoid camera shake. I also learned that I was using too small an aperture. Deeper depths of field, resulting from higher f/stops over f/22, bend the light coming into the camera too much, degrading the image. Ah, so much to learn.

I took all three images at ISO 200, f/16, and either 1/15 or 1/25 shutter speed.

Day 115-37

Day 115-27

Day 115-31

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