2014—W.J. Anderson Roofing

While driving on Tyler Foote Road near Nevada City, on the way to Ananda Village with a few of my fellow Placer Camera Club members, we came across a trio of weathered, collapsing buildings on the side of the road, a sight irresistible to a group of photographers. We found this ancient rusted truck parked inside one of the buildings, its roof on the verge of collapse, rather ironic given the name on the side of the truck. W.J. Anderson Roofing is still in business in San Franciso, and they still have the same phone number (I love Google) but they’ve lost the JUno exchange for the less interesting 58 prefix. I know nothing about trucks, let alone old trucks, but, thanks to Google (again) I have determined (only until someone who really knows will identify it for me) that it is possibly a 1936 GMC 1/2 ton pickup truck, GMC’s first half ton pickup. I wonder if I should send them this photograph, in case they’re still looking for their lost truck?

I used Perfect Photo Suite 8’s HDR effect on this shot.

Day 109 Camera Club Grass Valley-40-Edit-Edit-Edit

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