2014—Sunday Afternoon In The Garden

After lunch today, I went out in the backyard with my long lens to see what I could see. There were a few bees gathering pollen from the photinia blossom clusters and that was about it. I was unsuccessful in capturing a bee in flight but movement at the top of one of the photinias caught my eye about 20 feet up. A lovely butterfly alit briefly; then flitted away. I didn’t capture it in flight, either. I don’t recall seeing this butterfly before. I googled California butterflies and I believe this is an American Lady, not the West Coast Lady that was another option.

Day 103-45

Day 103-121

One thought on “2014—Sunday Afternoon In The Garden

  1. OMG these are awesome! I somehow missed seeing these before. The detail is amazing! That butterfly!!! WOW!!!!!

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