My gorgeous pinkish purple sun azalea, Phoenicia, is in almost full bloom in the front of my house but sadly, the unseasonal summer-like weather (mid 80’s when I was outside taking photos late this afternoon, about 20° higher than normal for this time of year) coupled with compulsory drought required watering restrictions, have wilted the lovely blossoms. I don’t know if my emergency application of water will save them. Normally, the plants are a sea of color for a couple of weeks in April but about half of the blooms were droopy and withered. After I spritzed a bit of water on them, I noticed there were a few bees flitting about. The late day sun shining through the flowers made quite a beautiful scene, despite the wilt but capturing a bee on the flowers proved almost impossible for me today, partly because I was just as wilted from the hot sun as the flowers were. Of course none of the bees chose to alight on any of the back lit flowers and the only decent shot that I got was of a bee on a wilted and bruised flower.

Day 100-28

One thought on “2014—Wilted

  1. Wow! That is an amazing shot- gorgeous color, fabulous focus on the bee- I would never have noticed that the flower was wilted.

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